My name is Terrilynn and I am a LYFT driver 

She's Dead

Here I am at 3:45 am on a Monday morning.  It's the first day of the work week.  Imma get it in and get home...or so I thought.

I pull into a motel to pick up my passenger.  She is in a mini skirt, beautiful long legs and a crop top with a firm belly, full breast, and long beautiful hair but a little ruffled. 

I have my idea of her profession but I am keeping that thought to myself. 

I proceed to verify her identity.  

Me: Excuse me, what is the name on the app.

Her:  Huh!  Oh, let me call him and ask him his name

Me: HUH!!!

Her: What's the name on the thing?  As she is talking she looks up. 

I look up and see a guy looking down on his phone.  I can hear his voice.

Him: ?What?  ?What thing?

Her:  What's the name on the thing?

Me:  The name on the Lyft app sir.

Him: Oh, Tyrone

Me:  No sir, that's not it.

Him: Oh yea, T.

Me:  Thank you, sir.  Now young lady what's your name?

Her:  She tells me her name and I invite her to get in the car.

We are going down the street casually chatting about her being tired and not wanting to go to her boring home.  I am talking about the road work on the street and how last week it made me miss my exit.

When we enter the highway and into the road work, we have both quieted down.  Me to pay more attention.

As the lanes are being worked on there is a sign that says two right lanes are closed.  

Someone needed to update the damn sign because three out of four lanes were closed and I was forced into the express lane.  Dammit....I missed my exit again.

I proceed to bring it to my passenger's attention but she is not chatting.  I assumed she had fallen asleep but I did not want her John to think I was kidnapping her so I yelled into the back seat...No answer!

I turned on the light and she was slumped forward, head down.  I yelled again, this time at the top of my lungs.  STILL no answer.  My mind began to race....

Was this bitch dead???  If she is dead in my car I am going to beat her ass until she rises from the dead.  I don't have time for this shit first thing in the morning.   Then I think, what am I going to do with her if she is dead!!!

Here are the options I came up with:

1.  Stop on the street and roll her ass to the curb.  No I can't do that because I am being tracked by Lyft.

2.  Take her dead ass to the hospital.  No, that would mess up my bonuses because I would miss my other two rides.  (Remember, I am motivated by money, not humanity, lol).

3.  Wait until I get to her house and roll her ass to the curb because I may miss my next rider if I go to the door to alert someone.  They will see her in the daylight.  She's not going anywhere.

By that time we roll up on her street.  When the GPS announces her street, this bitch wakes right up and thanks me for the ride and tells me to be safe.

I would have been regretful for my thoghts but I was laughing at my dumb ass to hard.

I can't make this shit up!

Thanks for reading to the bottom.