What is a VA?

​What is Virtual Assistance (VA)?

I am a VA even though I also work at my client's office or meet them so that we can work together.  You see me here in my car.  

Its always a balance between getting work done and giving excellent and responsive customer service.  

First let me explain what a VA normally does:

A VA is a person or team of people that help you with secretarial tasks without being in your office.  They help entrepreneurs, as well as large companies.  In today's mobile world, a VA is where you are.  You can contact them through social media, online chat, email, text, internet, and by phon
e.  No more do you have to have office space to get assistance.  No more do you have to be responsible for time clocks, wages, or benefits of a secretary.  Virtual Assistance pay is negotiable.  It depends upon your turn-around time and tasks.  The best thing about a VA is that they customize their services to meet your needs.  

Now let me tell you how I am different.  

I've found a price point for my clients that is affordable, comfortable, and doesn't make me feel undervalued.  It took a few decades but now I start my services at $500 for 20 hours and $1000 for 40 hours administrative assistance and business consulting.  Here's why, if you don't know me or have never worked with me, then its safe to say you don't know how to use me, my skills, my talents, or my education.

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