My friends can't believe I am a Lyft driver!

My name is Terrilynn and I am a LYFT driver 


I am blogging because sometimes I don't believe I am a Lyft driver either.

Some of the wildest things have happened to me since I started driving but everyday I keep getting in the car, and making money. 

Let's get one thing straight.  I AM motivated by money!

It's been two months and what my friends were thinking they are finally saying out loud:

"It is no way Terrilynn is going to drive Lyft."

"Ok, she drove for a couple of weeks, but it won't last."

"As soon as someone gets on her nerves, she is going to quit!"


You see I'm a regal little lady that works from home, a friend's house, the beach or anywhere I want because I am a Virtual Assistant.  

I have been setting my hours for 4 decades, and people used to pay me what I am worth.  The dream life, I know...BUT...the pandemic was a whole different paradigm. 


After begging, borrowing, and learning gratefulness on a whole new level,

I had to do something drastic, so here I am a Lyft driver. 

I bought a radiant red Honda Insight Hybrid.  It had 6 miles when I drove it off the lot.  I hadn't had a car note in almost 20 years.  My current car, 1997 Chevy Malibu is too old to drive for Lyft.  Did I say I had to do something drastic!!!

I figured I would go out in the morning and drive people to work, then come home and be a virtual assistant.  If I leave the house at 3:30 and returned by 9:30, I could fit in a 30-minute workout before I had to jump in my cozy recliner desk chair.

I always say, if you want to make God laugh, plan some shit!


This is the real real!  Get up at 3 am, drag myself into the shower, dress and drag myself to the coffee pot, get just enough caffeine in me to wonder what the #%^# I am doing up this early and plop my body in the car, my mind is still in the bed. 

It is a process, setup the camera, put my piece be steel (in my Madea's voice) in the holder, make sure my id is in the door (for easy access for police stops), and strap in (I meant the seatbelt that time, lol).


I like Lyft because it's easy money, flexible hours, and every day is different.

The thing I don't like is ending up in an erie dark ghetto community, with night walkers and drug transaction silently happening, while I wait five minutes for a rider at 4 am, feeling like a sitting duck.  It's the crazy that happens that makes me take a day off here and there.


My prayer life is getting stronger because something happens often that make me think, I can't make this shit up, OMG!​ So, stay tuned because I got some stories to tell you.

Thanks for reading to the bottom.